Our vision for On-line Trading

Our approach to on-line trading is quite simple. It has to deliver our unique quality service in an electronic form for a variety of clients. We believe we achieved this objective. As a client with SFC you have the freedom to take advantage of every trading opportunity you identify and are able to execute. We do mean, when we say ‘Our objectives always run parallel to those of our clients’.

Why Choose us Who are we?

We have been dealing with the professional end of the FX market since early 90’s. We consider our online trading solutions as an extension of our overall service, providing you with additional trading capabilities and instant access to rates and liquidity. Whether you are a small investor as an individual or an institutional market participant such as a bank, pension or currency fund, we still have a lot of vital elements in common.

Regardless of the account type, size or activity, all of our clients have the same quality access through our on-line trading platforms. You will have the same rates, liquidity and quality order execution. Don’t forget, you will also have our interbank desk at your disposal for pricing, liquidity, orders and even just for a chat about the market.

If you are a margin trading client and wish to access SFC’s on-line trading platforms and our quality of service, our minimum margin deposit requirement is USD 50k.

SFC Portal

Real-time account monitoring

SFC Portal – As a client with Swiss Finance Corporation you will have access to our web based accounting tool that allows you to have Real-time access to all of your account activities, positions, valuations and collateral. It will give you a detailed view of your account as a group, multiple or single accounts.

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Direct access to the market

SFC Pulse is built to give an optimum trading environment for our entire client portfolio. Through decades of involvement with our institutional clients, we thoroughly understand their requirements and what they would expect from an on-line liquidity platform. We aimed to accommodate those important elements with SFC Pulse. It offers a solid execution facility and is also actively used for internal execution by SFC.

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Award winning ECN

SFC FX – Powered by Hotspot brings the powerful benefits of an independent, transparent ECN marketplace structure to institutional foreign exchange trading. These benefits include full depth-of-book view, centralized price discovery, direct and anonymous market access, instantaneous trading on live, streaming prices and robust real-time pricing.

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