About Us

About Us

Swiss Finance Corporation has empowered professional and institutional investors to Trade with Trust since 1988.

Situated in the heart of London, we take a uniquely personalised and technology-driven approach to brokerage. We strive to ensure our diverse client base – which spans banks, multinational corporations, institutional investors, high net worth individuals and traders – is equipped to adjust to the ever-changing financial markets landscape, both now and into the future.

It’s about providing Integrity, Intelligence and Insight at every stage of the trading lifecycle. Integrity means full confidence that you can trade with anonymity and certainty across FX, fixed income, commodities and equities.

Intelligence refers to the industry-leading platform technology underpinning our services, providing us the power to deliver greater pricing efficiency, certainty of execution, and direct access to the right trading venue or exchange – as well as tailored pricing streams for every client, whether large or small.

Insight talks to the professionalism and expertise our brokers have developed over three decades of operating across the financial markets. Available 24 hours a day, our trading desk offers an unrivalled degree of personal consultation and human analysis – often the decisive factor in whether clients enter or exit a trade.

As a result, whether you trade through our trading desk or through our online platforms, we offer an honest, swift and real-time trading environment, with immediate access to markets even when activity is at its most volatile.

With seismic geopolitical and technological change disrupting all major asset classes, the certainty offered by Swiss Finance Corporation’s personalised and technology-driven approach will ensure you Trade with trusted global market experts.