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SFC Trader

We have been servicing the professional end of the FX market since early 90’s. We consider our online trading solutions an extension of our overall service, providing you with additional trading capabilities and instant access to rates and liquidity.


  • Diverse liquidity base of Banks, Institutions, Hedge Funds, High Frequency Traders
  • True price competition with full depth of book display
  • Tailored liquidity solutions to suit client needs
  • Comprehensive array of order types
  • Multiple means of access; including API and GUI
  • Flexible real-time and historical market data options

SFC Payments

Whether you are a Corporate or Private Client Swiss Finance Corporation can help with your international payment and conversion requirements.

  • Make international payments in 130 currencies
  • Collect funds in 30 currencies
  • Complete visibility into currency exposure at any given time to proactively manage and hedge risk
  • In-depth market analysis capability, providing businesses with the essential insights to outperform the competition when managing risk exposure

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Our team of trusted global markets experts is committed to upholding the highest standards when it comes to delivering your trading needs.