Our history

Sabex Futures is Formed

The original company, Sabex Futures Limited, is founded as a broker on the International Petroleum Exchange (IPE). The IPE is one of the leading oil trading markets in the world, setting the price of Brent Crude and related products.

Servicing large US financial institutions and sovereign names, we managed, within a short space of time, to account for a significant share of the IPE’s daily turnover.


Please be aware that we have received several reports of potential scams being perpetrated on investors by entities stating that they have a connection to this Firm.

Please be aware that Swiss Finance Corporation Limited does not have any connection to the entity known as “Eur Traders” and that any connection they may imply is a false statement.

I would suggest that you contact this Firm for verification, prior to making any investments, if you are approached by any entity stating that they have a connection to Swiss Finance Corporation Limited.