Markets We Offer

Our customers can access a wide variety of global markets around the clock. Swiss Finance Corporation offers traditional as well as online trading to suit all client needs

Access global markets anytime, anywhere

Our clients can trade 24 Hours a day through our centralised dealing desk, or the snappy speed of our market leading platforms


Invest in shares, ETFs, options on stocks and indices listed in all major exchanges globally. Access to OTC products such as CFDs, spread betting forwards, and options on stocks and indices.


Listed futures/options, CFDs, spot/forward/options on metals, energy, and agricultural commodities.

Fixed Income

Access primary issues and secondary markets for global debt, including government and corporate bonds, as well as private placements.


We provide access to a wide range of Metals to cover your trading and hedging requirements.

Foreign Exchange

Trade and hedge in over 130 currencies via spot, forward, OTC options and futures.

International Payments

Make and receive international payments in over 130 currencies, with complete visibility into exposure at any given time to proactively manage risk.