As a client with Swiss Finance Corporation, you will talk directly to a well-respected team of professional currency traders with a variety of trading backgrounds and networks. You will have them at your disposal for unbiased service, market access, watching your orders, market intelligence, trading support and confidentiality. If you are wondering what’s happening in FX and Metal Markets, just call our desk.

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Always putting our clients first

We do mean when we say ‘we are wholeheartedly committed to maximising the success of our clients’. Since day one, back in 1988, we have focused all our activities on meeting our clients’ requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible, smoothing the way to a fair and yet very competitive trading environment and efficient risk management for our client base.

At SFC, we believe that it is all about service. To maintain this approach, and to ensure we compete against and outperform our competitors in the Forex world, we have always invested heavily in our traders and state-of-the-art technologies. We continue to re-invest and renew regularly.

As a result, whether you trade through our spot interbank desk or our line-liquidity platforms, we offer fair, accurate, real-time, swift trading environment, intelligence and push-button access to markets even when activity is at its most volatile – and all in an environment of closely-monitored client confidentiality.

No amount of software and hardware can take the place of an outstanding dealing desk and a company ethos of professionalism, all of which we take great pride in. We value our relationships with our clients highly regardless of their account size and activity with SFC. Our senior management has been in place since our very earliest days, and their combined knowledge and experience provide the philosophy which underlies our day-to-day activity.

Our FX voice coverage gives you access to well-respected professional foreign exchange traders with decades of experience in the FX market place. You will always receive a smooth, consistent and seamless service no matter what level of trading you wish to engage in. Since we have always concentrated our efforts within our acknowledged areas of expertise, trading with SFC is something you can do with absolute confidence.

Kamran Usmani

Kamran has 24 years of experience in the financial markets started as a Commodity Futures Broker in 1988-1990, FX Market-maker from 1990 till present. Kamran has been with Swiss Finance Corporation since 1992.

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Sanjay Amin

Finance Director

Sanjay qualified as a Chartered Accountant after his Economics degree at Cardiff University and has been employed by the company since 1992.

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