Swiss Finance Corporation has a long history in one of the most competitive businesses in the financial industry, servicing a professional client base. Our objectives always run parallel to those of our clients. This highly-personalised approach ensures a constant understanding of your trading requirements and objectives as well as accurate and timely execution.

What we doOnline trading

Centralized 24 hour dealing desk

The market never sleeps. At SFC we believe strongly in providing our clients with round-the-clock market coverage. From our London desk, 24 hours a day, clients enjoy a consistent quality of access in all the markets they trade in. Because of our unique structure, our entire team acts as one unit and is always at your disposal to look after your interest in the marketplace for pricing and liquidity, market intelligence and watching your orders. Our desk runs from Sunday 9.30 pm until Friday 9.00pm London time.

Long-established, here to stay

We’ve been trading continuously since 1988. We are well known and respected in interbank foreign exchange market, our reputation in the spot FX market in London speaks for itself. We always have been servicing the professional client base since our inception and we are proud to say that many of our clients have been with us for years and are still with us today. That is testament to our devotion to honesty, integrity, quality of service and sheer professionalism.

Unbiased boutique service

Structure dictates the quality of service. Being a boutique trading house, we have the flexibility and ability to adapt the level of service we give our clients. At SFC, our objectives run parallel with our clients and naturally we offer an unbiased trading environment, working as much as possible for client profitability and success in trading without the fear of compromise. This helps us and our clients to develop and maintain a constant mutual understanding of their involvement, requirements and the continuation of level of service without the interference by other centers or trading units.


The regulation is important in the finance industry. We want you to know that you can trade with SFC with complete confidence. Since our foundation in 1988, we have continually been regulated meeting all the relevant important standards and codes of practise. We are currently regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Professional dealing desk

A professional dealing desk manned by expert traders is a must for every institution who is serious about providing a Foreign Exchange trading service. Our dealing desk consists of highly-experienced, well-connected traders from a wide range of financial market backgrounds, providing our clients with expert service and execution and real-time market intelligence. At SFC, unlike many other institutions, clients have direct access to the trading desk without passing through a sales division.

A superior on-line trading facility

As well as having our entire interbank desk at their disposal, our clients also enjoy a direct access to top quality on-line liquidity trading facilities. We always have aligned our objectives with those of our clients and do not carry proprietary risk or trade against our clients. You will have a superior on-line trading access with SFC in terms of rates, spreads, liquidity and trade support facilities.

Technology focused

At SFC, we firmly believe in the importance of up-to-date technology and trading services. We continuously invest in the latest trading and account management infrastructure. We strive to create the most seamless, efficient, 24-hour live trading environment possible, such as on-line trading platforms, state of the art back office system and our web-portal for real-time account reporting.